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Guild Information Etc..

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Guild Leaders

Alts:Snuffnpuff, Mumbojumbo, Guillotor

Tampoon - Rashhead - Nebulus
Icp - Munchos


Deaf Dumb & Mute = initiate (was created to silence drunken belligerents)
Get Away Driver=member
Hired Hand=veteran
Associate = Interested in Becoming an Officer
Made Man = Officer

Hired Hand and above rank can invite other guild members. (however they will be deaf dumb and mute until ranked)

Any further advancement in the guild is based on participation and merit (i.e. guild recruitment, instance help, bank donations etc.)

You can only become an officer if you meet the requirements AND if your main is guilded with iLLgOttEn gAiNs.
-If you do not have your main guilded, you will not become an officer!
-If You do not use Vent you will not become an officer
-If you do not use vent you will not be included in raids

Officers qualify for special "command" titles based on merit and participation. Command titles grant special privileges within guild and a personal Vetrillo channels.


The ventrillo server is available for use by all iLLgOttEn gAiNs members & expected to be used by all those wanting to raid.

The server info is as follows:


Officers qualify for personal ventrillo channel for raids/groups based on merit and participation (see ranking info).

Guild Bank

Most of the guild bank is viewable by all members and contributions can also be made by all members.

Hired Hands may withdraw one item per day from the guild bank.

Only officers have enhanced access to guild bank items.

Please ask the nearest officer for assistance in retrieving an item if you are unable to do so and it is needed for the development of your guild character.

[b]Please feel free to ask any questions regarding the guild in the public section.[/b]
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